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Stats Emphasize the Importance of Employee Engagement

Only 51% of employees are engaged at work according to Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplacereport.  The 2017 Workplace Health Survey revealed that 70% of respondents were either actively looking for new jobs or considering it.  A 2018 Randstad U.S. study showed that 60% of respondents would leave or have left a job because of a bad boss.  The U.S. workforce is ailing and has been for years.  Employee engagement is the level at which employees are committed to and p

The State of Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is a technology that companies employ during the hiring process in either a live (two-way) video format similar to Skype or in an asynchronous (1-way) format that essentially allows candidates to interview themselves.  Though video interviewing offers many benefits, the primary goal for many users is to reduce cost-per-hire and the time-to-fill roles. recently surveyed 526 HR professionals across multiple industries from small, medium, large and ver

Are Great Bosses Tough or Compassionate?

Getting the most from employees starts with the boss but how to be a good boss is often disputed.  Here is a great example of the conflict of which I speak. recently posted two articles on their website providing leadership advice.   “Want Happier Employees? Research Surprisingly Found That You Should Treat Them Like This” and “General Stanley McChrystal: Why the Toughest Bosses Have the Most Devoted Employees”. According to research in the first article mentioned, e

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