Video can increase your odds of a good hire!


Hiring is a numbers game, and video can increase your odds of a good hire.

Hiring is like sales.  They’re both numbers games.  The more prospects you can process, the higher your odds of achieving a favorable outcome.

There are tools that have been designed to help process a greater number of job candidates, just as there are tools to help process more sales leads.  Applicant tracking systems, resume parsing software and social tools such as Linkedin Recruiter come to mind.

These tools have been created at least in part by identifying roadblocks in the hiring process.  One significant roadblock is the screening that takes place early in the hiring process.  Because resumes are often exercises in creative writing, there has to be a way to reach behind the resumes and screen for those candidates who should advance in the hiring process, and conversely who should be weeded out.

Phone screening is a standard methodology for early candidate screening.  But phone screening has two major flaws that create speed bumps in the hiring process:

  1. Phone screening is a scheduling nightmare.
  2. Phone screening success is limited because it only employs one human sense, hearing.

The solution to both these problems is automated online video screening.

The scheduling process is simplified and automated since the candidates literally “screen themselves”.  Video screening systems, like Interview4, allows the user to set up the candidate who is then sent an email with instructions for their 1-way video “interview”.  Using a webcam, the candidate logs in and answers the questions presented on-screen.  The screening interview is recorded.  The hiring manager or human resource professional is alerted when the virtual screening interview is complete.  They log on at their convenience to review the candidate.

In reviewing a candidate using online video screening, both the sense of hearing and sense of sight are employed.  It’s hard to describe how much more information is communicated about the candidate by being able to see as well as hear him or her.  Just think of how many times have you been surprised when that candidate walked through the door!

Video screening allows you to review more candidates more thoroughly early in the hiring process.  You’ll have a greater number of candidates to pick from as you decide who to bring in for the face-to-face.  And that stacks the odds of a successful hire in your favor.


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