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The Benefits of Hiring Veterans!

Each year as many as 360,000 military men and women join the civilian workforce.  Programs such as the Veteran Jobs Mission and the White House Joining Forces have helped reduce high unemployment numbers for veterans in recent years, however former military personnel still face several challenges when trying to find civilian work.

A stigma of mental illness surrounds many veterans today with the public grossly overestimating the number of those affected by issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.  Additionally, employers struggle with how to incorporate military skills into civilian jobs.  Lastly, the military environment is culturally different than the civilian environment.  Job candidates are encouraged on their resumes and in interviews to focus on individual achievements, however the military mentality focuses on teamwork and group achievements.  Veterans, according to Melissa Stirling, director of military, campus and youth programs at Hilton Worldwide, are very humble and “not good at singing their own praises.”

Veterans offer numerous benefits! Below are but a few:

·         They have many of the necessary skills required to fill talent shortages.

·         They possess a strong work ethic.

·         They have problem solving skills.

·         They are disciplined.

·         They are safety conscious.

·         They are detail oriented.

·         They are team players.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a veterans hiring tool kit with tips on how to hire and retain veterans.

·         Create a veterans hiring program and clearly outline your strategy and goals.

·         Create a workplace accommodating to veterans by better understanding their culture and experience.

·         Actively reach out to veterans and military spouses.

·         Partner with groups that can help you locate capable veterans.

·         Understand what you are permitted and not permitted to ask during an interview.

·         Develop a mentorship program with a veteran as the mentor.

·         Show appreciation for veterans’ service on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

·         Explain their training and the organizational chart.

According to a survey by Futurestep, eighty percent of organizations lack veterans recruiting programs despite the overall success in employing them.  Organizations complaining that college graduates aren’t taught the necessary skills to compete in the workforce are neglecting a gold mine filled with candidates possessing ample and applicable skills.  Following the tips above will help better acquaint employers with the challenges a very skilled segment of the workforce face, but also how to incorporate them into their organizations and take advantage of their skills.

Hire-Intelligence Partners with SER National

Hire-Intelligence donates software customization and user licenses to SER National to provide job interview training for out of school youths.  The training will use the Interview4 video interviewing software, which will also provide a way for the participants to create a short introductory video that they can share with employers.

Gloucester, Virginia (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Hire-Intelligence, a leading provider of custom web-based job candidate evaluation Interview4-Logo-NoTMsoftware and services, announces their partnership with SER-Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER National), a network of Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) that advocates for the underserved and underprivileged by developing streamlined educational, training, employment, business and economic based initiatives.  Hire-Intelligence has committed nearly $50,000 of in-kind software development and licenses to provide job interview training, as well as job candidate video introductions to potential employers, using the Interview4 online video interviewing system.

Kicking-off the first leg of this inspiring partnership, computers equipped with webcams and headsets were set up at Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas’ YouthWorks Centers in Irving and Grand Prairie, Texas.  Whitney Guest Sisler, Director of Business Development from Hire-Intelligence’s Virginia headquarters, was on-hand to introduce the program participants to the customized Interview4 video interviewing application, showing them how to complete online practice job interviews as well as create and share personal video introductions they could submit to employers.  Classroom lab-style settings provided a great opportunity for the Youth to actively engage in interview practice and coaching.

“One of the critical success factors in today’s America is the imperative to tie educational needs with career aspirations,” said Brian Marques, Assistant Director of Network Initiatives for SER National. “As a valued partner, Hire-Intelligence offers the technology and pedagogy to bridge the gap between academic instruction and hands-on, real world skill development for individuals with significant employment barriers. With the access and training provided by Hire-Intelligence in their new Interview4 hiring system, SER National is not only able to better prepare out-of-school youth for employment, but also re-engage them in the overall education process by connecting learning with useful skills.”

Damaris Flores, a YouthWorks participant who is working toward her high school diploma to secure a better job, said of the training, “It’s really fun, and you’re actually learning about interviews… you can actually see yourself, which helps a lot. This helped me to see the kinds of questions that employers ask you.  It helped me see that they want to know about you, as well as allowing me to think about how I would respond.”

Jim Robinson, President & CEO of Hire-Intelligence is a big supporter of SER National and their employment programs. “As a human resources technology company we strongly believe in doing our best to create web-based applications that bring the right employees together with the right companies.  But our philosophy goes deeper than that.  We are committed to serving the broader community by giving back.  SER National is a great example of the kind of organization we are proud to support.  SER embodies the kind of strong community awareness, sharing, education, skills training and hands on involvement that is needed to keep all our youth strong, competitive and engaged, not only for their personal benefit but also for the good of our society.”

The partnership with Hire-Intelligence is intended to enhance SER National’s employer relationships and capacity for job placement of program participants.  Hire-Intelligence has committed to expanding support to other SER programs including Fair Start Fair Park – YouthBuild South Dallas, and VetPals.

The VetPals program, to be launched this year, will aim to provide U.S. Military service members with one-on-one coaches and community resource liaisons to support those recently returning U.S. Military Veterans and their families in reaching their goals for employment, education, and public service.

ABOUT Hire-Intelligence: Hire-Intelligence is a human resources technology company that creates online productivity tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process, while bringing the right employers and candidates together. The founders of Hire-Intelligence have more than 20 years of experience in the human capital management (HCM) world. This knowledge of the HCM industry informs all of the hiring software and services we offer. Our goal is to provide high-value tools and services to the HR world, delivering real, measurable ROI to our customers.

In addition to the Hire-Intelligence Communications Test Suite, the Hire-Intelligence Adaptive Behavioral assessment and the Interview4 video interviewing solutions, additional complementary hiring solutions are in development. Hire-Intelligence has home offices in Virginia and New York, and services clients throughout the U.S. and the world.

ABOUT SER National: SER National is a national network of Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) that formulates and advocates initiatives resulting in the increased development and utilization of America’s human resources, with special emphasis on the needs of Hispanics, in the areas of education, training, employment, business and economic opportunity.  SER is the Spanish verb for “to be” and also reflects the means by which their mission is accomplished – Service, Employment, and Redevelopment.

SER National aims to develop the capacity of the SER network through the provision of technical assistance, research and planning, program and policy development, and fundraising.  SER’s vision is “to enable the Hispanic community and other underserved populations, to fully participate in the socio-economic mainstream, achieving equal access and parity in all aspects of American society.”