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Employed or Unemployed, Here is What You Need to Succeed in 2016

A new year brings with it hope for new opportunities so if you are looking for a job, thinking about quitting or want to remain where you are at and reach the top, you will benefit from the following articles.

Five lies recruiters tell job seekers.

Finding a job is more difficult if you get a lousy recruiter.  Be on the lookout for these lies they often tell.  From “I don’t have the job spec” to “I need to know your salary information”, be careful not to fall for thesematterhorn-918442_640 five fibs which might derail your job search.

11 tips for turning down a job offer so the hiring manager doesn’t hate you.

The first week of January is the most popular time to apply for a job according to Monster but if you get an offer that’s not a great fit, how do you turn it down without burning bridges with the hiring manager? This article explains how best to handle the situation professionally and ensure those bridges with the hiring manager and company remain unscathed.

A Wharton professor says this is the one question you should ask before accepting a new job.

I won’t make you click through. The question suggested by Wharton professor and author Adam Grant is, “How is this organization different from all other organizations?” Grant explains the answer should be told as a story and you should pay special attention to the following three possible values illustrated in their response: Justice and Fairness, Safety and Security, and Control.

Ask yourself these 16 questions to decide if it is time to quit.

Switching jobs is a major life change. Robin Camarote, author of “Flock: Getting Leaders to Follow” provides sixteen questions to ask yourself and answer before taking the big step. If you still can’t decide, read the following article.

Six reasons to stay in a job you hate.

Not everyone hates their job but certainly not everyone is in love with it either. A 2013 study by Gallup showed that only 30% of the American workforce honestly enjoyed their jobs.  So while throwing in the towel might be the obvious solution, here are six reasons sticking it out will benefit your future.

Ten Ways a terrible boss can teach you how to lead.

How can a bad boss be good for you? Watching your bad boss’ behavior may help you lead more effectively. Do they lack vision, decisiveness, humility? This article provides ten valuable “what not to do” lessons on leadership.

Here’s the most common mistake workers make when it comes to getting a raise.

According to Careerbuilder, 56% of workers have never asked for a raise but two-thirds of the workers, both male and female who ask for one, get it. So the most common mistake is never asking for one.

If you want a promotion, ditch these 5 annoying office habits.

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones,” says Benjamin Franklin.  This article lists several office habits you can eliminate to increase your net worth.

Five times it is OK to say “No” at work.

No one wants to be uncooperative nor does anyone want to be a doormat. Here are five occasions where saying no at work is not only okay but possibly encouraged especially if you are not the best one for the job.

As your new year revs up, focus on increasing your net worth, learning from others’ mistakes and standing up for yourself.

Personality and Success: What Trait Leads You To The Top?

According to the volume of content on the blogs and news sites I frequent, becoming successful and a leader must be the two most sought after goals in humanity.  Every week Happy HaloI see the same content rehashed over and over.  “Seven way to be successful”, “Nine traits of a successful leader”, “Ten of the most successful CEOs share their ten traits on successfully leading yourself to success.”  That’s a bit overdone but you understand my point. Read more

A List Not About Leadership but About Leadership Lists

If you’re a frequent blogger you know that coming up with original material is not always leadership signeasy.  If you are a Tweeter, finding content about which to Tweet every 30 minutes is not so simple either.  So as you scour the web I’m sure you’ve encountered a few subjects that have been done to death.

For example, leadership lessons.  I love when I see lists on leadership lessons because I love to Tweet about them or post them in my Linkedin activity feed.  Unfortunately as I dig deeper into the content of what I’m posting on leadership perhaps all I really am accomplishing with my social posts is to pollute our cyberspace with the smog of overdone content.  Take a look at the recent posts below and you’ll understand of what I speak.

From Business Insider:

The one thing you need to know to be a great leader. 

Okay, if this is the one thing I need to know then I can stop here and never read another leadership list from Business Insider again right?

There are a Few Core Leadership Skills That are Mandatory

Wait a second! This says there are a few leadership skills, not just one!  What gives?

9 Leadership Traits to Look for In New Hires

Hold up! Now I don’t need to look for just “one thing” in my new hires nor a few but nine?

Bloomberg Chairman: Why the “And” Factor is the Real Key to Great Leadership.

The “And” factor?  So this is truly the real key to leadership right?  It isn’t the “one thing” in the first list, the few in the second or the nine in the third correct?  Please stop messing with me!

From Inc.com:

6 Surprisingly Useful Leadership lessons from the VMAs.

So evidently Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa must know about the “And” factor.  Who knew they were so business savvy?

5 Leadership Tips for Introverts

Screw you extroverts, you don’t get a list!

The Most Important Leadership Skill You’ll Ever Learn

I’d raise hell on this one but technically this is the most important “skill” and not “lesson”.  I’ve got my eyes on you though Inc.

5 Classic Movies, 5 Leadership Lessons

What? “Go to the mattresses” didn’t make the cut?  What kind of list is this?!

10 President’s Day Leadership Lessons

Wow even federal holidays are teaching us about leadership!

Between Venus and Mars: 7 Traits of True Leaders

Oh, here we go!  This list is for “true” leaders, not all you posers reading the other lists.

From CBSnews.com

5 timeless leadership lessons

When you go to this post they actually have a link pointing to additional leadership lessons from Machiavelli.  When you click the Machiavelli link it provides yet another link to more leadership lessons learned from growing up in New York.  Machiavelli grew up in New York?

Leadership Lessons from Meryl Streep

I love you Iron Lady but I don’t believe you sanctioned this list.

Leadership Lessons from Alaska Airlines

I’m a human so I don’t think planes can teach me anything about leadership.

From Forbes:

5 Leadership Lessons: Listen, Learn, Lead

Five, but the headline lists only three?

3 Juicy Leadership Lessons from….Boardgames?

How about this for a lesson, DON’T buy Baltic Avenue!

The Big Lesson About Leadership from Steve Jobs?

This isn’t one lesson, the key lesson, or the most important lesson, it’s the BIG lesson!

Leadership Lessons from LeBron James – 2013 Version

The 2013 version? Crap, I’m still using LeBron’s 2012 lessons!  No wonder I got no game in the office!

Miracle on the Mississippi: 10 Leadership Lessons from Helena

Okay, I’m gonna have to draw the line on taking leadership lessons from a city.

For the record I love visiting every one of these publications online.  I just wanted to paint a picture for you of the leadership madness occurring online.  Now I’m off to write a new post, “Eight leadership lessons from Dom Deluise.”  Stay tuned!