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5 Employer Pain Points That Video Interviewing Addresses

Recruiters, HR Professionals and Hiring Managers are all involved in the hiring process but not all share the pains of the other.  Each faces challenges in their position the other does not fully understand or appreciate.  Video interviewing offers a one size fits all solution to handle the difficulties faced by those in the hiring profession.

Pain Point #1: Scheduling Hassles – HR Professionals and recruiters both feel this pain.  Scheduling and rescheduling phone interviews with candidates can take as long as the actual phone interview.  Takingache-19005_640 just minutes to set up, automated virtual interviews allow the candidate to interview on their schedule no matter what time of day or night.  HR professionals/recruiters are free to focus on other responsibilities as a result.

Pain Point #2: Discrimination – Everyone involved in the hiring process wants to ensure their company’s hiring standards are fair and diverse but the HR professional has the greatest concern of all for this.  Video interviewing is seen by some in this role as a tool that further facilitates bias however automated interviewing’s use of a structured interview process where all candidates answer the same questions, ensures no prejudiced questions creep in.  Video interviewing is also able to screen candidates back into the process who might have unfairly been dismissed solely on the basis of their resume.  Through a recorded video interview, minorities are able to dismiss pre-conceived biases surrounding their race, gender, age and so on.  Additionally recorded video interviews provide a great record of an organization’s non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Pain Point #3: Too many candidates, so little time – Organizations receive around 120 resumes for every open job position which leaves recruiters and hiring managers little time to screen them all.  In fact, according to the Ladders.com, recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing each resume.  Even when whittled down to a manageable number, recruiting professionals might still need to conduct a dozen phone interviews and from that the hiring manager may select up to five candidates with whom he/she will spend hours interviewing.  Video interviewing decreases time wasted on numerous phone screens and unnecessary face to face interviews.

Pain Point #4: Inadequate collaboration – Panel interviews are conducted so hiring managers may collaborate on their interest in a candidate because collaboration can’t adequately be achieved with phone screen notes.  In-person however, the panel’s time is greatly burdened especially if they determine in five minutes that the candidate is not a fit but are forced for etiquette’s sake to continue with the interview.  Some video interviewing vendors allow you to compare candidates’ video responses side by side so that a more accurate picture develops and the hiring managers can save time by targeting candidates who best fit their organization.

Pain Point #5: Shallow candidate pool – Despite the increased number of resumes per position, hiring managers continue to complain that they can’t find adequate talent. Video interviewing allows managers and recruiters to interview job candidates outside their geographic region and for less expense than phone screening.  This not only expands the candidate pool but reduces travel costs associated with flying in candidates.

If you are involved in the hiring process and a big ole Excedrin headache manifests, I suggest you pop a few video interviews instead.

Who is Saying What about Video Interviewing?

You have heard me go on and on about Video Interviewing so maybe for a change you’d video interviewing piclike to hear from some of your peers not trying to sell you anything.  The following candid quotes were provided by recruiters, search consultants and HR professionals who participated in our 2012 survey on video interviewing.  So as the saying goes, don’t take my word for it.

“I personally find it to be a great method to save time and money on travel expenses when conducting interviews. However, for some reason, our HR management refuse to use it.” – HR Professional

“Video interviewing saves time, cost when you are abroad or not in local area. It’s better than telephonic interview because you can see expressions of the candidate.  As actions speak louder than words, video interviewing helps alot in this.” – HR Professional

“Video Interviewing is a great help in every organization wherein you can reduce cost, manage your time, scheduling hassles as well as you have enough time to choose a right candidate for the job.” – Executive Search Consultant

“I think it would be a good resource but I do not think my organization is ready for it yet.” – Executive Search Consultant

“I think this is the wave of the future, especially to help narrow down the candidate pool before bringing the finalists on-site.” – HR Professional

“Nothing can ever replace the face to face meeting in my opinion, though I do think there is a time and a place that this could be used and of value. I have just never done it before.” – Corporate Hiring manager

“Could be useful for initial interviews of candidates who are not local.” – HR Professional

“This has been extremely helpful as a cost savings measure when interviewing candidates that were not within commuting distance. I can see this as helpful as a tool in the initial selection process, but feel it is very important to meet the final candidate in person–both for the candidate and the hiring company.” – Corporate Hiring Manager

“Video conferencing may be an option if a low-cost, easily implemented, good quality solution were available.” – HR Professional

“As technologies continue to simplify, more video interviewing will be done thru laptop computers and items like smart phones or iPads with Skype or other inexpensive software. It is a plus for companies to see a person visually before flying them to a corporate or other location, especially where presentation is important, such as sales roles.” – Executive Search Consultant

“I see a value and a future in Video interviewing particularly on higher level positions where relocation is likely required.” – Executive Search Consultant

“Video interviewing will become more prevalent in the next few years.” – Corporate Recruiter

“Video interviewing is awesome and anyone who uses it will gain the respect and admiration of millions.” – Ryder Cullison, (Video Interviewing proponent and the guy who wrote this blog post.)