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Video Interviewing: 5 Candidate Red Flags Employers Need To Observe

Employers must be on the lookout for candidate red flags during a traditional face-to-face job interview but what red flags might be detected during a video interview?  Here is a list of red flags gathered from several human resources professionals.  These warning signs can also be uncovered earlier in the hiring process by way of a video interview.

Doesn’t know the company: Your video interview, whether live or virtual, should contain questions which expose the candidate’s knowledge of your company or products.  A candidate should have an red flagadequate understanding of your product/service and your company.  Via video you will be able to identify earlier in the process whether a candidate is passionate about the position or just a pretender.

Speaks ill of past colleagues: As a recruiter or hiring manager, I’m sure you love candidates who bad mouth their previous boss or colleagues.  “Why are you leaving your current job?” or “Why did you leave the job?” are questions that often reveal how a candidate feels about his past co-workers.  Candidates who express negative opinions about their previous employers are potentially demonstrating an inability to work well with others. Read more