How will you get that next job?


For many job seekers, searching for a job is a drag!  You search the tiny black and white print of the Sunday paper or you hit the job boards and submit your resume along with 100 other people and hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  In fact you may submit your resume to so many companies that you can’t remember having done it when their recruiter calls.  Then you are caught stumbling through your answers while trying to recollect the company from which the person is calling.

Though we believe responding to job postings, print ads., or even attending job fairs might be our best chance at landing a job, these are actually not the best sources from which companies source candidates.  According to the “10 th Annual Source of Hire Report” by Career Xroads, job boards are the second highest source of hires accounting for 25% of external hires while print and career fairs accounted for only 2%.

This means that aside from job boards companies source most of their external candidates from a source you might not likely consider and that is the good ole referral.  Yep, referrals account for nearly 27 percent of external company hires.  If you think it through, it makes good sense.  The company hires an employee that one of their employees vouches for and the candidate joins a company for which their friend vouches.

So the next time you snub that acquaintance in the grocery store or talk rudely about them behind their back, remember that they might have been your gateway to a great job.

Ryder Cullison

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