Can A Hiring Tool Eliminate Discrimination?

Recently I received an email from a job candidate with this question, “How does your product (video interviewing) eliminate age discrimination in the hiring process?”  As HR professionals we all know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces laws discriminating … Continue reading

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Are Older Workers Holding on to Jobs Hurting Younger Workers Looking for Jobs?

As a provider of job candidate assessment software we are very focused on turnover. We hate costly employee turnover, which studies have shown is mostly caused by poor job fit.  So we work hard to build software solutions that measure … Continue reading

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Video Interviewing & The Disabled: Do You Need An Accommodation?

Last month I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with three lovely women at the National ILG conference in Washington D.C. to talk about video interviewing and the disabled.  Our session “Access, Accommodations & Video Interview” discussed best … Continue reading

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The Battle For Transgender Rights One Restroom At A Time.

As an attendee and presenter at the 2014 American Psychological Association conference held in Washington, D.C. in mid-August, I was struck by the presence of several “gender neutral ” restrooms.  Being of a certain age my first thought was that this … Continue reading

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Corporate Greed Stifles the Economy and Fuels A Coming Storm

I stumbled onto a startling statistic recently by the Economic Policy Institute in regards to the CEO to worker compensation ratio.  According to their report the CEO to worker pay ratio in 1965 was 20-1.  So if in 1965 I … Continue reading

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Hiring Managers, Wake Up and Hire Your Candidates Already!

Last week my blog post implied that an increase of available jobs would make finding talent more difficult for hiring managers, but would also spur them into making a hiring decision more quickly.  In the past, you see, hiring managers … Continue reading

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Will An Increase in Jobs Make Finding Talent More Difficult?

Careerbuilder’s Midyear U.S. Jobs forecast shows that employers will hire more full time, part-time and contract workers in the remaining six months of this year as compared to 2013. Sounds like good news for job seekers, but as a hiring manager … Continue reading

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5 Real Life Instances When Video Interviewing Saved the Day

Most of the positive social chatter about video interviewing comes from the video interviewing vendors while most of the negative chatter comes from those who don’t want to change their hiring process.  As someone who has worked closely with video … Continue reading

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The Catch-22 That’s Destroying the Hiring Process!

On the surface hiring should be simple.  An organization advertises a job, a group of qualified applicants apply for the job and from that pool the recruiter/hiring manager selects the best person for the position.  Maybe in the old days … Continue reading

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U.S. Workforce: Why Is Everyone So Miserable And What Can We Do About It?

If you are employed but unhappy with your job you may have heard these words when grumbling about your work week to a friend, “At least you have a job.”  If you’re a manager do you feel your employees are … Continue reading

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