Hire-Intelligence To Address Video Interviewing At Annual American Psychological Association Convention


The first ever research conducted to determine the validity of web-based video job interviewing will be presented on August 10th in Washington D.C. at the 2014 Annual APA convention.

Titled, “Exploring the Validity of Asynchronous Web-Based Video Interviews” the session will address research sponsored by Hire-Intelligence and conducted by GCG Solutions principal Dr. Charles “Allen” Gorman. The study sought to evaluate the ability of video interviews to provide valuable, job-related insights for employers who use video to screen job candidates. The research found that ratings of the applicant, applicant characteristics, and video interview responses all predicted job performance and associated work outcomes.

The study, employing Hire-Intelligence’s web-based video interviewing platform, Interview4, was conducted as an initial attempt to estimate the criterion-related validity of automated web-based video interviews as a method of evaluating job candidates’ likelihood of success on the job. The research results revealed a range of positive findings.

“Although the literature clearly indicates that structured interviews are valid tools for selecting employees, there was little research evidence that this was the case for asynchronous web-based video interviews,” stated Dr. Gorman. “This study represents the first step towards establishing an evidence base to support the valid use of interviews conducted using this kind of technology.”

“Clearly as an online video interviewing provider we are excited about the outcomes of Dr. Gorman’s study as it further legitimizes the use of video interviewing during the hiring process,” commented Hire-Intelligence’s Jim Robinson. “Our team has experience using video to evaluate job candidates stretching back to the 1980’s. Since our Interview4 video interviewing became available online we’re seeing more and more companies using the technology. This research should help raise awareness of video interviewing’s benefits while helping many employers improve their hiring processes.”


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