From September, 2015

Why We Should Hire The Older Worker

Some employers believe older workers are more expensive and harder to manage and so once you reach a particular age threshold, holding on to your job or finding a new one becomes increasingly difficult.  Aman-272675_640 2014 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 22% of those unemployed under the age of 25 had looked for work 27 weeks or longer while workers 55 years and older searched twice as long.  As the workforce ages, it’s not surprising that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has seen age discrimination complaints increase 15% over the last decade. Continue reading “Why We Should Hire The Older Worker” »

Research Reveals The Many Ways You Make Yourself Look Dumb At Work

If you read my post, “5 Ways We Make A good Or Bad First Impression According To Research” you understand how quickly opinions of us are formed and how the-horse-290907_640these favorable or unfavorable opinions can determine the number of doors opened or closed to us.

New research further indicates ways we may be blowing it by unintentionally appearing less intelligent or confident than we are.  In addition to the five I previously named in my post, below are a few more. Continue reading “Research Reveals The Many Ways You Make Yourself Look Dumb At Work” »