From December, 2014

Video Interviewing: 2014 in Review

As 2014 winds to a close I want to review the notable events that occurred in the world of video interviewing.  The events below paint a picture of video interviewing’s growing popularity and increasing adoption in the hiring process.

More and more video interviewing providers have appeared.  Though many Word Cloud - video interviewlaunched prior to 2014, many in the past year have been more capable, partly due to funding, of announcing their presence.  Five years ago perhaps a half dozen players in the space could be identified.  Today, even with the increased number of vendors, the market has barely been tapped.  In 2015 more vendors may appear on the landscape while more established providers will continue to grow. Continue reading “Video Interviewing: 2014 in Review” »

Is the Automated Interview Fraught With Perils?

Last month I read an article on the Huffington Post titled The Perils of the Automated IMG_20141204_105036082_HDR[1]Online Interview.  The author, a Harvard student, criticized automated online video interviewing after performing poorly during the video interviews he took for three different employers.  Since the student had been so burned he suggested in his article that cameras have no place in the interviewing process. Continue reading “Is the Automated Interview Fraught With Perils?” »