From January, 2010

Conducting A Better Interview – Quick Tips

Over at American Banking News they have a great article with tips for conducting more successful interviews. They suggest three basic strategies for conducting a better interview. First, let the interviewee talk. People hate long silences, resist the temptation to fill a lull in the conversation instead give the candidate an opportunity to fill the silence. You may learn something important. Secondly ask open ended questions, don’t give the interviewee the opportunity to answer with a simple yes or no. If you get a one or two word answer to any of your questions, press the interviewee by asking them to clarify or expand their answer. Finally, utilize behavioral questions to bring out the style and personality of the candidate.

Corporate Culture At Zappos.Com

Over at the New York Times they have posted an interview with CEO Tony Hsieh. In the interview Tony talks about why he is so passionate about defining and maintaining the corporate culture. It turns out he had to learn the hard way. In Tony’s first business, LinkExchange, the focus had been on hiring people who could do the job rather that people who fit the culture. As the company grew, it changed into a place Tony didn’t even want to work any longer. After the sale of LinkExchange in 1998 Tony got involved in and quickly decided that the first thing to do would be define the corporate culture. He didn’t make an arbitrary decision about the culture, instead he asked the entire company to comment. Eventually the company decided on 10 core values. The 10 core values at are so important that people are hired and fired based on how well they fit the culture.

More employers using screening and recruiting firms

According to an article at the Triangle Business Journal more and more companies are adding steps to screen candidates to their hiring process. With so many people out of work, companies are getting inundated with resumes. To help find the best candidates they are utilizing behavioral and skills tests to ensure the candidate is a good fit.

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