Only 1 in 3 employees are actively engaged! Say what?


A recent study of 11,000 participants by Blessing White, show that only 1 in 3 employees are actively engaged, while 1 in 5 are actively disengaged and 2 out of 3 are looking for new jobs.  This means only 33 percent of your workforce is doing their job!  This doesn’t mean they’re doing their job well, it just means they are putting all their focus on doing it.  The 2 of every 3 employees that are looking for a new job could very well be a number of your top performers.  How much money is your company losing while your employees surf the web looking for new opportunities or worse, checking to see who’s on Maxim’s list of the sexiest 100 women?

Before you get mad at your employees you need to ask yourself why 66% of your workforce wants to jump ship.  The study suggests that engaged employees stay for what they can give while disengaged employees stay for what they can get.  Huh?  What the heck does that mean, Ryder?  Well it means that employees will stay longer if given training in addition to opportunties to apply their talents and move up the ladder.  Each employee needs to know that all their hard work will move them towards a promotion.  They also need to be placed into positions where their talents can best be applied.  If their talents are not used properly or to maximum effect, this can create dissatisfaction within the employee and they will look for opportunites where they can contribute more effectively.

Identifying the behavioral traits of your employees will assist you in placing them into the proper roles as well with the manager who can best supervise them.  If your employees want to learn more and further develop their careers, then paying for additional training might be a good way to engage them and prevent them from leaving.  The cost to replace that employee, which is often times 20% of their salary, will be much more than it costs to replace them.

Ryder Cullison


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