Innovative Tools for Evaluating Job Candidates

Hire-Intelligence offers tested tools for better hiring with either full-service or self-service options.

Hire-Intelligence is a science and technology company dedicated to creating and supporting tested and proven results-driven software for evaluating job candidates. Based on years in the Search business, Hire-Intelligence has researched and developed a set of software and services to quickly and accurately identify the best job candidates for each individual position. Today we offer these tools to Human Resources Professionals and Hiring Managers as a way to help them achieve the same results.

We offer both full-service and self-service access to the tools. We work closely with our clients to design a custom solution applying the tools and services required to meet the agreed-upon objectives while fitting the client’s hiring process.

The Hire-Intelligence tool-set includes:

The Hiring-Insights Service:
A Great Way to Improve Your Hiring, A Great Way to Test Our Tools

The easiest way to discover how Hire-Intelligence can help improve your hiring is to employ our Hiring-Insights service. Hire-Intelligence experts will work with you to create a candidate evaluation plan, which we then implement and manage, saving you time while helping you identify the best candidates for face-to-face interviewing.

ROI is built-in to every solution.

Hire-Intelligence works with clients to measure and continually monitor the return on their investment in better hiring. If better performing employees, higher retention and lower turnover are important to your business we should talk.

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